The process of filing a workers compensation claim can be extremely confusing and complicated. We put together a list of the most common workers compensation questions and resources. You can also use the search button in the top right of the website for more specific results. 

First Thing To Do - Here's a list of things you will want to do.

Document Your Claim - Here's what you should collect and save.

Report Your Claim - How to notify your employer.

Common Workplace Injuries - Here is a list of common workplace injuries.

Representation - Do I need an attorney to help me?

Attorney Costs

Time Frames - How long does the process take?

Case Settlements - What do cases settle for

Benefit Eligibility - Are you eligible for benefits

Wage Benefits Calculation - How to calculate your wage benefits

TTD - Temporary Total Disability

What's Covered -  

Pre Existing Conditions

Can I Pick My Doctors -  

Finding Work Comp Doctors

Report Your Claim - Step by Step on how to file your claim.

Can My Employer Fire Me

Employer Retaliation

Claim Denied - How to proceed if your claim is denied by the insurance.

Do I need a Depo - Will I need to have a deposition?

Depo Prep - How to prepare for a deposition.

What Is a QME - Qualified Medical Examiner

Do I need a QME - When Would I need to get a QME?

Permanent Disability - 

Mileage Reimbursement

Types of Court Hearings - Explanation of the court system and types of hearings.

Going To Trial - How to prepare for your trial.